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Contact: Joseph Aldred
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References available upon request.
These are the things you should know:

I went back to college to enhance my knowledge in the creative arts, and ended up learning a whole lot more. My two favorite pieces of software are Photoshop and After Effects. Maybe it is because of the power they hold or because of the power I gain from them. It doesn't matter if I am using Photoshop for photo manipulation, color correction, or creating a montage, I approach each and every task with a sense of renewed excitement knowing my favorite tool is metaphorically by my side. After Effects on the other hand, is my new child, having just started to learn to use this particular tool, I am still developing my skills and learning my way around.

I also love writing and think I spin a decent yarn when my muse moves me. I have had the divine pleasure of seeing a short story of mine in print and hope to have many more shared with the world. There is nothing quite like experiencing someone's response to something I have created, whether it is visual or written.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have enjoyed your stay and I would love to hear what you think,