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Welcome to my website, wherein you will be privy to my artistic creations, stories, artwork, videos, and even a sound file if all goes well… that is the plan at least. I mean, who am I kidding? Do you really want to hear a sound file I made for the time-based media class? It’s just a bunch of wind and me banging on some metal—probably some other assorted crap.


I don’t remember. That class was a long time ago.


The video files will—might be more interesting, but who knows? The Jumper was funny, from a certain point of view. A little skewed, that is.


As I say, we’ll see. Which would you rather experience, my writing, exciting tales, thrilling adventures, or be able to watch something I made over a decade ago? Please say the stories.



Please—I really do like writing.
My Writng Stuff

My facebook page will probably be less updated than here, but it is official even if it doesn't have a little blue checkmark by my name. Once I get rich, I'll splrge for it. :-)

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